Glue bead

Our ISV EHR glue bead inspection is a robust standard system for the analysis of glue and sealant beads during robot traversal. Our inline inspection system meets the highest standards wherever glues and sealants are used.


Seamless and fully automated optical inspection

Our ISV EHR glue bead inspection lets you integrate 100% inline inspection of workpieces with powerful optical sensors into your manufacturing process.

Individual and versatile standard system

Our turnkey standard system consisting of the sensor, industrial PC and evaluation software can be individually adapted to your requirements.

Visualization in real time

With the real-time results display, you always have an eye on the process.

Inspection and application

Inspect glue and sealant beads of all types for tears, necking and excess, position and presence, width, and bead shape.

Powerful sensor technology

Three cameras in the sensor head provide a 360° view all around the nozzle. Both RGB and white light are supported, with versatile exposure settings at the same time.

Complete process integration and efficient quality control

Quality assurance is fully integrated into the process. The sensor head is mounted directly on the nozzle for inspection, enabling bonding and testing in one step without an additional robot path.

Optimized processes and documentation

The storage of individual results and uploads with the part number in real time enable fast evaluation and correction as well as the creation of information-rich statistics and reports.

Efficient systems

The autoteach function and manual quick teaching guarantee low effort during commissioning.

Fields of application

Scope of delivery


The powerful sensor mounted directly on the nozzle provides a 360° view of the glue bead through 3 cameras and supports both RGB and white light along with versatile exposure settings.

Control cabinet including
industrial PC + software

The industrial PC tailored to your application and the monitor for visualizing the data and results are integrated in the control cabinet.



Our ISV Gluebead Inspection is a comprehensive, precise and efficient solution for glue bead inspection, with strengths including straightforward evaluation of the measurement results and clearly arranged reporting.


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