Our ISV inline measurement offers exceptionally precise and accurate geometry measurement of bodies-in-white and a wide variety of add-on parts, especially in the automotive body-in-white environment, but also in other manufacturing areas.


Efficient inspection and maximum productivity

Precise measurement of components directly in the production line. This means that you always have an overview of complex manufacturing processes, even with high quantities.

Proactive detection and monitoring of production trends

Defects in the product and fluctuations in the process are detected immediately thanks to ISV inline measurement and can be corrected efficiently.

Optimized processes

The software-supported correlation analysis enables reliable root cause analysis in case of defects in quality as well as optimization of the production parameters.

Seamless quality control

All manufactured products are measured. Based on this, you can create information-rich quality reports using ISV software.

Powerful sensor technology

Our optical measurement system with laser measurement technology uses image processing algorithms to determine the 3D coordinates of the measured features.

Versatile, easy-to-customize system

The system, which is tailored to your requirements, can also be easily adapted for new components.

Fast and robust measurement

Mech. drift and temp. influences are offset w/o affecting the measurement; no need for time-consuming measurement with coordinate measuring technology, which means considerable time savings for you.

Inspection and application

Geometry measurement of components and car bodies of all types; two and three-stage edge, hole, bolt and gap inspection

Fields of application

Scope of delivery

3D profile sensor

The ISV sensors with precise laser measurement technology are integrated directly into the production line for contactless and non-destructive testing of all components.

Control cabinet including
industrial PC + software

The industrial PC tailored to your application and the monitor for visualizing the data and results are integrated in the control cabinet.



Based on the measurements of the optical sensors and using specially developed image processing algorithms, our software determines the 3D coordinates of the measured features and enables efficient evaluation and information-rich reporting for quality control and process optimization.


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We create a feasibility analysis with your sample part in our in-house test lab and, on this basis, develop a suitable solution for your process.