Weld seam

We are your partner for system solutions for automatic weld seam inspections. We guarantee reliable and reproducible measurement and testing of all common welding and brazing processes.


Fully automated, precise and reproducible

Fully automated 3D inspection of welded and brazed seams of all types according to consistent criteria. Our systems feature high accuracy, fast turnaround times and easy integration.

Powerful sensor technology

Maximum precision, razor-sharp and detailed 3D images thanks to high-performance laser triangulation sensors from leading manufacturers. Our systems detect defects starting from a size of 0.1 mm.

Reliable and efficient quality control

Reliable assurance of your product quality. Autom. visual weld seam inspection and real-time evaluation of our systems allow fast and easy rework of parts. This saves you materials, time and money.

Individual and versatile standard system

Our turnkey standard system with 3D profile sensor, industrial PC and TIVIS evaluation software can be individually adapted to your needs and features ease of integration into your production process.

Visualization in real time

The component and all information relating to the weld seam inspection are visualized on the monitor in real time.

Inspection and application

Check geometry dimensions like length, width, position, a-dimension, asymmetry, seam transition, sheet/seam angles, convexity/concavity, etc. and surface condition (pores, undercuts, burn-through, cracks, surface shrinkage, end craters)

EHR TIVIS Software Library

The EHR TIVIS AluCheck and TIVIS Repair-Station software components enable intuitive and detailed evaluation, clear presentation of the results as well as reliable and efficient follow-up control.

Simple operation

Our software offers a simple user interface for quick parameterization and configuration and can be operated independently after a short training session.

Fields of application

Scope of delivery

3D profile sensor

We offer a selection of high-performance 3D profile sensors from leading manufacturers that are specifically designed to meet your requirements.

Industrial PC
and software

We work together with name-brand manufacturers to provide you with a suitable and powerful industrial PC for your individual application.


We provide you with a high-resolution monitor for real-time visualization of the measurement results transmitted by the 3D sensor.



Our EHR TIVIS system platform provides all necessary interfaces, including the user interface for communication with industrial robots and production plants. Based on this system, EHR AluCheck is an application for fully automated, standard-compliant measurement of welded joints.


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We create a feasibility analysis with your sample part in our in-house test lab and, on this basis, develop a suitable solution for your process.